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Dining Furniture Style Guide: A Comprehensive Guide

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Dining Furniture Style Guide: A Comprehensive Guide

A dining area can be one of the most intimate atmospheres in your home. There is nothing more enjoyable than eating good food in the company of your family and friends. Finding the right dining room furniture to fit your needs can be a very demanding task. Fortunately for you, we offer hundreds of dining sets in different styles, sizes and shapes, such as pedestal tables and drop leaf tables, to suit any room size.
To further accommodate your needs, please take a moment to read this style guide, which explains the different types of dining room furniture we sell, and mentions their main features. Having a better understanding of the key features for each dining style will help you pick a look that is right for you.

Contemporary / Modern Dining Furniture Contemporary / Modern Dining Furniture:
A mixture of wood, glass and metal, an s-shape table base, and abstract table legs impart a distinct, modern feel.
Contemporary / Modern dining furniture sets add a truly unique and memorable touch to a dining area. The smooth surface tables usually have right angle corners, distinct edges, and asymmetrical lines. Characterized by design details and constructed of iron materials, these dining room furniture sets normally feature abstract designs, especially on the base or legs of the table and chairs. Overall, contemporary and modern dining sets brings a bold, distinctive character to any space.

Traditional Dining Furniture Traditional Dining Furniture:
Lightly carved details with a clean surface area create a majestic feel.
Traditional dining furniture sets evoke images of understated elegance and the grand style of the 18th and 19th centuries. The tables come in various shapes and sizes, but they are most commonly rectangular or round, with a mix of straight and curved lines. Many pieces in traditional dining room furniture sets have light carved detailing with little or no surface decoration. Wood pieces will often be finished with darker stains.

Transitional Dining Furniture Transitional Dining Furniture:
Classic, with a dash of modern style, transitional dining sets make dynamic additions to any decor.
Transitional dining furniture sets are a seamless blend of traditional and modern that fit in with almost any d
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